Phillips Family

I'm a veteran of over 15 trips to Disney World over the last 20 years and had never even considered the value of using a Disney travel agent for my family trips. That is, until I started following Mouse Class Travel on Facebook. The ladies at Mouse Class Travel and their clients (who post awesome tips, too) are unparalleled. I am a control freak and am considered a "Disney Expert" in my circle of friends. These folks showed me I'm a novice in keeping up with tips, tricks and hints! I decided to use Lisa Thompson and her amazing team for a family trip in February, 2020. After completing a comprehensive questionnaire about my family's wishes and trip goals, Mouse Class Travel took it from there. My communication with them (regardless of day or time) was always immediate and professional. I won't hesitate to use this fine group again in the future and highly recommend their professional, friendly, quality services.