Holly Schroeter

Holly Schroeter

Disney Mom • Life

Disney and Harry Potter Obsessed

Mom of 3

Gardener, Bike Rider, T-Shirt Maker

Rope Droppin’ Every Day

Take Me Home to Magic Kingdom


"Holly brings an ocean of knowledge and experience with her, and the effort she puts forth in helping us plan is beyond exceptional. She truly cares about making our vacations unforgettable and perfect. There is no other person I’d rather entrust with my family’s fun and happiness."

-Chris Piekarski


"I planned this trip without having been to Disney in a while, and I cannot thank you enough for the tips!! We were able to do everything that we wanted at Disney and more!! You covered every single thing in our itinerary making it the best trip imaginable! We can’t wait to go back! Thank you!"

-Laney Loze

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